It’s not easy to stop drinking on your own. While it’s ultimately up to you to make the decision to stop drinking and to take control of your health, few people can do it alone.

Help from medical professionals, addiction experts, and your friends and family gives you the support you need to stop drinking and to start a new life free of alcohol.

There are several different types of help available, and you’re likely wondering which ones will work best for you. If you need help understanding what’s available, start by reading the brief guidance below.

Types of Help Available

alcohol help ukIf you’re ready to stop drinking or you already have but need some help, you should first understand what types of treatment and support you can access.

First, there are rehabilitation programmes, which can offer intensive treatments for people recovering from addiction. These are either provided as residential facilities or offered as outpatient care. Another type of help you can access is counselling and support services, which can include one-to-one counselling and support groups.

Some people benefit from prescription medications, particularly when experiencing withdrawal symptoms or to help treat other health problems related to alcoholism.

NHS Treatment Options

In the UK, you have the option of going through the NHS or choosing private treatment for an alcohol dependency.

The major advantage of choosing NHS treatment is that it’s free, offering an option for people who are unable to pay for private treatment. However, because addiction treatment isn’t particularly well funded, the options can be limited. You might have to wait a while for first an appointment with your GP and then a referral to a specialist service.

Alcohol help offering by the NHS includes counselling, referral to the local drug and alcohol dependency centre or health team, outpatient services or, rarely, residential rehab.

Private Treatment Options

alcohol helpIf you don’t want to wait to access addiction treatment from the NHS, private treatment allows you to get the help you need faster.

It also gives you more control over your treatment, allowing you to choose what you think is best. You can get immediate access to the services you need, and you have a much better choice of residential treatment options.

You can access detox treatment, counselling, and holistic therapy that helps you tackle the causes of your addiction. You can ensure your treatment is tailored to your needs, so that you are treated as an individual.

Residential vs. Outpatient

It’s important to give some thought to the benefits of both residential and outpatient treatment options. Residential rehab offers the chance for people to undergo their first few days or weeks without alcohol in a controlled and secure environment.

You can get the peace and quiet you need, and remove the distractions of your everyday life. However, outpatient treatments options allow you to continue with your life while undergoing treatment.

It’s worth noting, however, that some residential programmes are only a few days long and can start you off on the right foot.

If you’re looking for help with alcohol addiction, read about your available options on our site to find out more.