How To Stop Drinking

Alcohol Counselling

Alcohol counselling is a useful tool to help people understand why they drink, what they need to do to stop and how they can regain a normal life, free from alcohol dependency.

It can be difficult to untangle the problems once dependent on alcohol. Did the person start drinking because of prior problems, to help them block out the issues, or did the alcohol dependency cause issues, for example, with relationships or possibly at work?

It could, of course, be both of these. In either case, alcohol has been used as a crutch for a period of time, and learning to manage without alcohol is a process that might take time and effort.

Types of counselling available

alcohol counsellingDifferent types of counselling and even the counsellors themselves suit different types of people. It can be difficult to know where to start with counselling, How to Stop Drinking can help you find a counsellor that suits your requirements.

You may find that cognitive behavioural therapy is helpful to you. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is one of the more popular methods to treat alcohol dependency. CBT works by looking to make positive changes in patterns of thinking and behaviour.

Groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery can be useful as you will meet people going through a similar experience and this can really help recovery.

You may really benefit from one on one support, especially in the initial stages as you will get dedicated personalised support.
If you are unsure where to start you can speak with us at Help to Stop Drinking for advice.

How will counselling help?

alcohol counselling ukWhether your problems have come about after the drinking problem or if they were the reason the drinking problem started, counselling will get to the root of this and start to examine why it is the case.

It can then help with new ways of thinking and finding new coping strategies so the problems don’t continue to occur.
There’s often a stigma with counselling and group sessions, and this might make you think twice about seeking this type of help.

However, you could start with one on one sessions, which are confidential. If you found benefit in this you could continue or explore other ways that could help such as attending group sessions as well.

How to get started

You can contact us at How to Stop Drinking to discuss your options or you can contact your GP. There are various charities and organisations that provide alcohol counselling free of charge.

You could also opt for a private counsellor, which can often be a little faster to start, but usually costs more. Once in counselling, there may be the choice over the type of therapy you receive with the guidance of your counsellor.

Whichever counselling you choose it is a path to breaking the dependency on alcohol and a step to a positive future.